your game!

Check out our large range of modifications to raise your game! Available for Playstation & Xbox controllers.


Keep your thumbs on the thumbsticks where they belong with multitasking Pro Buttons on the back of your modded controller – perfect for jump shots, plating up and mounting with total camera control! Customise your own controller with these extra buttons to better suit your gaming style, allowing you to manoeuvre freely around the map performing actions without ever sacrificing a thumbstick.

Remap Chip

Change up your buttons on the fly! The Remap Chip adds up to 4 remappable Pro Buttons to your custom gaming controller that can be mapped to any standard buttons individually or all at once.
This is perfect when you need to simultaneously press multiple controller buttons to perform an action – just map it all to one button and get it done in a single press.


Smart Triggers & Bumpers

Get the fast-acting advantage of Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers that instantly go from 0% to 100% when pressed. These non-adjustable controller mods have a 50% faster response rate than standard triggers. They are ideal for close combat in FPS games.
Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers are not suitable for racing games.

XBOx Smart triggers only

Custom Paint

Our team of skilled artists can create unique designs to give your controller a personalised look. Whether you want a flashy, colourful design or a sleek, professional look, we can make it happen.

With our service, you can stand out from the crowd and show off your personal style while you game. 


Offering three different heights all in one pack, our Interchangeable Thumbsticks allow you to mix and match your thumbstick sizes to customise your own controller with the perfect configuration.
This simple controller mod is an easy way to enhance your control over the game, improve your accuracy, speed up your movement and ensure your custom controller fits your hands as comfortably as possible.


Thumbstick Tension is all you need to help improve your control over the thumbstick and aiming in FPS games, allowing smoother accuracy than default.
This service can be an upgrade to your existing controller through our send in service, or an addition to your new designed Controllermodz Custom Controller.


Get the response time with our new digital action buttons and digital d-pad. Buttons that instantly go from 0% to 100% when pressed. Ideal for players that play claw.

Playstation ONLY


Don’t let slippery hands cost you the win – the rubberised splatter texture of the Pro Grip keeps your controller firmly in your grasp during even the sweatiest matches.
Made with durable, non-toxic ABS plastic, our Pro Grip controller mod is available in various colours and offers the support and comfort you need to enjoy long-lasting gaming sessions without compromise.

Independent D-pad buttons​

No accidental presses with our independent d-pad buttons! These buttons replace the standard D-Pad buttons with individual separate single buttons. Thus, allowing for precise and accurate inputs during game play. Suitable for all games but predominantly for fighting games

Playstation ONLY

Introducing the Hall Effect PRO Joystick Modification: Elevate Your Gaming Experience!

Is stick drift and unresponsive controls putting a damper on your gaming sessions? At Controllermodzau we understand the frustration of joystick wear and tear, which is why we are now offering the ultimate solution for Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5 controllers. Say goodbye to erratic movements and hello to unparalleled precision with our cutting-edge Hall Effect Joystick Modification.

The Persistent Problem: Stick Drift

For as long as controllers have been part of the gaming landscape, stick drift has remained a persistent annoyance. The gradual deterioration of joystick components can lead to abnormal behaviour, disrupting your gameplay and eventually rendering your controller unusable. But fear not, because we’ve harnessed innovative technology to tackle this issue head-on.

Revolutionary Hall Effect Technology

Enter the realm of advanced gaming control with Hall Effect joysticks. At the heart of this modification lies the Hall Effect principle – a phenomenon where a change in voltage occurs when a magnetic field interacts with an electrical conductor. Our Hall Effect joysticks incorporate permanent magnets that move in relation to an electrical conductor, inducing a voltage change. 

This change is then meticulously converted into precise positional data, effectively tracking every nuanced movement of your joystick.

Unparalleled Durability and Precision

The real game-changer? Hall Effect joysticks eliminate the physical contact present in traditional analog sticks. This means that wear and tear become relics of the past. With no friction-induced deterioration, our modification ensures that your joystick’s sensors remain in pristine condition throughout your gaming journey. This results in unparalleled accuracy and reliability, giving you the edge you need in high-stakes battles and intense challenges.

pro edition


Say goodbye to legacy micro USB cables, as USB-C becomes the new standard for various peripherals. Charge your PS4 controllers effortlessly in today’s tech-savvy environment.

Introducing the USBC MOD – a cutting-edge circuit board featuring the latest USB-C connector, designed to seamlessly replace the outdated USB-micro circuit board in your PS4 controller.

In the evolution of connectors, USB-C has emerged as the new standard, surpassing the once-preferred Micro USB for applications where USB-A was deemed too bulky. This trend has now become widespread, establishing USB-C as the go-to choice for various peripherals.

Our modification involves a sleek breakout board, facilitating the effortless integration of a USB-C connector into your PS4 controller, replacing the original micro USB port. This ingenious solution simplifies the charging process for your PS4 controllers in today’s tech-forward environment, eliminating the need to retain outdated micro USB cables. Upgrade to the future with this smart and efficient new modification.