Most frequent questions and answers

Are ControllerModzAU controllers tournament approved?

Yes, our modded or custom PlayStation controllers and Xbox controllers are tournament approved except for those with Rapid Fire mod chips installed.

Tournament rules may vary, so always check with the specific guidelines of the tournaments you’re interested in before entering with an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS5 or PS4 custom controller modified by ControllerModzAU.

Do you have a store or showroom?

ControllerModzAU is currently an online-only business at this stage, but we’re absolutely looking forward to expanding into retail spaces in the future.

In the meantime, you can browse our online store for a range of custom controllers for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. You can also visit our Builder or Send-In Service pages to create your own controller or customise your own controller for both Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

Are the controllers you modify third-party?

No, we only use genuine first-party controllers from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to customise a controller for you. This applies to our online store as well as our Builder and Send-In Service.

For example, if you decide to customise a PS4 controller or design your own Xbox controller, the controller you send in or we build for you will always be a genuine first-party controller.

I think my Pro Buttons are positioned in the wrong order. What should I do?

Please contact us via the information provided in the Contact, Send-In Service or Terms & Conditions page to let us know about your issue with the controller. Returns and exchanges can be arranged if necessary.

It’s important to note that the preview image for selecting Pro Buttons on the Builder and Send-In Service pages is of the controller’s back, so the buttons’ placement will be mirrored when the controller is turned around and used as normal. Always double check you’ve made the correct choice when you design your own controller.

How do I order a custom painted controller?

Custom paint orders are available, but they’re an entirely personal choice and require back-and-forth communication with ControllerModzAU to fulfil. Please contact us via email so we can discuss your design requirements, assist you with enquiries and help you organise your own personalised Xbox controller or PlayStation controller with a custom paint job.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Please contact the ControllerModzAU support team via our Contact page to advise us about any changes or updates to your order. Our team will amend your order if possible, or help you cancel and refund your payment if necessary.

All cancellations will result in a refund via the original payment method used when the purchase was made. This includes all Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS5 or PS4 Afterpay orders for controllers purchased in our store, as well as custom controller orders made through the Builder and Send-In Service pages.

How long will my order take?

Ordering modded or custom controllers for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5 will typically take 2-3 weeks to be completely fulfilled, while custom paint jobs will generally take 5-6 weeks to be fulfilled.

Please note that turnaround times may vary from order to order and these timeframes are estimates only. Contact ControllerModzAU via the Contact page if you have any issues regarding your order.

Why can’t I select Smart Triggers and Bumpers with the Rapid Fire and Remap mod chips?

These controller modifications are not compatible with each other at this stage, so you’ll have to choose between them when you create your own Xbox controller or PlayStation controller.

The clickable sidebar on the Builder and Send-In Service pages will automatically disable incompatible options when designing your PlayStation/Xbox custom controller, so there’s no need to worry about accidentally selecting the wrong combination of controller mods.

Can I send in my own controller to be modified?

Yes, provided your controller is in working order and is a genuine first-party controller. Simply follow the instructions on our Send-In Service page to mail in and customise your own PS4 controller, PS5 controller, Xbox One controller or Xbox Series X controller with your choice of modifications.

Every controller we receive is tested upon arrival and before we add any modifications. If any defects or issues are found, you will be contacted and advised. Broken or unsanitary controllers will be returned at your expense, so be sure to follow all of the Send-In Service instructions to ensure your controller is eligible for modification.

How durable is your Pro Grip?

Our Pro Grip controller mod is designed to last almost a lifetime, offering continuous support and comfort, especially for sweaty hands during long gaming sessions.

The visual design and colour of your Pro Grip will also last just as long, so you can game as intensely as ever on your personalised PS4 controller or modded Xbox One controller without any compromise to the controller’s style.

How do I set up my rear buttons with the Remap chip installed?

Any purchase of our remappable button or rapid fire modifications includes a user manual outlining clear instructions for configuring your custom Xbox controller or PlayStation controller.

We also provide a link to the ControllerModzAU YouTube channel where you can find troubleshooting tutorials. These visual guides will demonstrate exactly how to set up your Xbox One/Xbox Series X/PS4/PS5 modded controller.

When using a ControllerModzAU charging cable, what does it mean if it says this device cannot be supported?

Check that your charger isn’t using a low amperage. Once the amperage is correct, you may also need to unplug the charger and plug it back in until your controller is properly detected.

If your controller still isn’t being detected and you believe there’s an issue, get in touch via the Contact page to request a repair, refund or exchange.

Will a PS4 or PS5 thumbstick fit on my Xbox One or Xbox Series X controller?

Unfortunately not, the thumbsticks from standard or custom PS4 controllers and PS5 controllers will not fit into or work with standard or custom Xbox One controllers and Xbox Series X controllers.

Fortunately, customising a PS4 controller or PS5 controller with Xbox thumbsticks will work perfectly. Since the Xbox thumbsticks are positioned higher than standard PS4/PS5 thumbsticks, this can give you better thumbstick control, especially while playing FPS games.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, ControllerModzAU can ship internationally although shipping costs will vary depending on your location. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for any international trade laws that may impose additional fees while shipping our package internationally to you.

Australia-wide delivery is always available, so you can rely on ControllerModzAU for easy delivery of custom and modded Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS5 and PS4 controllers in Australia no matter your location.

How do I know my controller has been dispatched for delivery?

All ControllerModzAU orders come with tracking numbers sent directly to the email you provide with your account. Entering the tracking number into the Australia Post website will allow you to track each stage of the delivery process up to final delivery.

Please remember to check all of your email folders including spam if you can’t find the email with the tracking number.

Which shipping method do you use?

All ControllerModzAU orders are shipped via Australia Post using their Express Post service. This is a reliable service known for fast delivery and excellent handling, so you can rest assured that anything from a custom Xbox One controller to a modded PS5 controller will arrive as soon as possible and in prime condition.

Which payment methods do you accept?

ControllerModzAU will accept payment from all major credit cards, payments made through PayPal, and paid using Laybuy.

Laybuy allows you to buy an item and split the payment into 6 instalments, which are to be paid weekly until the full payment is completed. This is a great way to manage your funds while still playing with your new custom controller as soon as it’s delivered.

Does ControllerModzAU do repairs?

Yes, please get in touch via the Contact page to receive a Customer Repair Number. You can then fill out the following Request For Repair Form to describe your issue and explain the problem areas for us to resolve.

Please note that certain issues may already be covered elsewhere in this FAQ, so take a minute to read through the questions and see if your issue is mentioned before deciding to request a repair.

What type of controllers can you upgrade or repair?

ControllerModzAU will only add our modifications or perform repairs on genuine first-party controllers from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. This also includes Scuf, Cinch, Evil and Battle Beaver controllers

You have the option of purchasing a brand new controller from us through the Builder page, allowing you to choose customisation and modification options to make your own Xbox controller or PlayStation controller from scratch.

You also have the option to modify and customise an Xbox controller or PlayStation controller that you already own using our Send-In Service.

Please note that we don’t upgrade or repair any third-party controllers.