Personalising the gaming experience

ControllerModzAU is an Australian company that specialises in making exclusive game controller mods for Competition Gaming, and the most popular video game genre, First-Person Shooter. Featuring mods like A&B Buttons, X&O Rear Buttons, Elite Triggers, Remapping Chips, ProGrip, and much much more, our aim is to elevate your gaming experience.

ControllerModzAU is home to exclusive mods where you can make technical actions easier while enabling yourself to focus on strategy. 

Build Your Own Dream Controller: ControllerModzAU gives you many options to customise your controller so you can have a one-of-a-kind design tailored to your playing style.

Constantly bringing new features and mods to the gaming world, ControllerModzAU, is a growing company dedicated to enhancing your gaming performance.