Personalising the gaming experience

ControllerModzAU is a company established in 2014. As we progressed through the first couple of years our business grew greater, and from starting from just the love of gaming became something of a more serious class.  Our business focus was to create a more fun playing experience as well as to elevate their performance. We take pride as being the first company in Australia to provide Gamers with the top of the line gaming accessories at more competitive price to the overseas markets.

ControllerModzAU specialises in providing superior controller mods for competitor and everyday gamers, featuring mods like A&B Buttons, X&O Rear Buttons, Elite Smart Triggers and bumpers, Remapping Chips, ProGrip, for both Sony PlayStation and Xbox.

Build Your Own Dream Controller: ControllerModzAU gives you many options to customise your controller so you can have a one-of-a-kind design tailored to your playing style.

Customisation of your own controller with ControllerModzAU is endless, with our innovative shell designs and custom paint jobs.

Constantly bringing new features and mods to the gaming world, ControllerModzAU, is a growing company dedicated to enhancing your gaming performance.